welcome to symbiosis

Symbiosis Design provides lighting, set and show design for the entertainment industry. With over twenty years’ experience of live events we are able to provide an ideal environment for your production, whatever and wherever it is. 
From the initial concept stage, with full 3D CAD renderings allowing you to see the design, through to on-site programming and operation of your show, we supply a full service to fit any budget.
We maintain close relationships with the developers of the industry’s latest technology so can present cutting edge designs giving your show a fresh, unique look.

Previous work includes David Guetta, Basement Jaxx, Erasure, Bloc Party, Mika, Dizzee Rascal, The Zutons, The Streets, The Music, The Coral, Lemar, Julian Cope, Glastonbury Festival, “V” Festival, Womad, London Fashion Week, GQ Fashion Show and many others.

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